Friday, February 22, 2008

Rain. Lots and Lots of Rain.

I am CRAVING sinking my fingers into some dirt, cutting up some potatoes, separating some onions, gently squooshing the roots of broccoli and lettuce sets.


It keeps raining. And while we need the rain and I know the earth is just soaking it in and loving every minute of it, it's bringing me down. I think I'll head over to Baker Creek and snag some seeds for the warmer weather.

Then I might do some sewing to try to whittle down my massive piles of fabric.

Tomorrow, I'm planning on shoring up the out of control rosebush on our front gate (it's a Joseph's Coat and it blooms really early and beautifully, but it clearly plans to take over the world.) and transplant the daylilies in the front flower bed. I love my daylilies, but they smear purple and red pollen all over you when you brush past them and as they line my walkway...poor planning. I'm going to take out the yarrow, as well and plant the whole space with zinnias and daisies for cutting. I think. We'll see as it warms up and the flowers start popping up at local nurseries.

Rain. Lots and lots of rain...

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